Select Wines

Two to three times a year the team at 45 Degrees North handpicks a selection of the best wines for our guests.  We always look forward to meeting up with our wine supplier in France to see what’s new.  Part of their process is to taste thousands of different wines and whittle them down to a few hundred.  Guided by their experts we make a selection from 20-30 different reds, whites and a handful of bubbles!

With so many great French wines out there, our aim is to do some of the hard work for you so that you can relax in the mountains with a tasty glass of Merlot, a crisp Riesling or a delicious Chenin Blanc.  Whatever your taste we’ll have just the wine for you.

Gorgeous french vineyards with so many wine varieties to choose from

It’s a careful balance between easy drinking, a variety to suit different palates and wines that will go well with our winter and summer menus but we love the challenge and are led by our guest’s invaluable feedback each year.  And the best bit – all our guests get access to free wine and beer during dinner.

For those times when you’re looking for something a little extra special we also have a selection of red and white wines, Prosecco and Champagne for purchase at great prices.  And if you let us know, we’ll be happy to make a birthday cake too!

Please contact Mike, Anna or Chris to find out more about a winter ski or a summer cycling week with us.