Travelling with Your Bike

Team sky bike boxIf you’re planning to take your bike with you by plane or train you have a few options.  The best form of protection for your bike is using a hard case or bike box.  Unless you’ve got plenty of storage space at home its often best to hire them.  Bike Box Alan will deliver the box to your home & pick it up afterwards.  Its also worth asking your local bike shop if they have a bike box.  They’ll often help you to pack it too.

This video will show you exactly how to pack up your bike.  When you arrive at the 45 Degrees North base we’ll help you to unpack your bike, set it up on a bike stand & put it back together using our tools.

Here’s what your bike will look like in the box.  Foam padding added to protect your frame from the wheels & anti-crush bar protects your bike further.

Bike box packing Bike box packing