Lead Riders

At 45 Degrees North there’s always somebody in the team looking out for you.  We’re all about getting people out to the Alps to enjoy everything it has to offer and we pride ourselves in our ability to cater for mixed riding speeds.  On each of our rides there is always at least 2 points of contact, whether it be from the support vehicle, on the road mechanic or guide riders.

We may set some groups off at different times so that everyone gets to a picnic stop, mountain pass or cafe at a similar time but each group will always be with a member of our team.

Each week we have two or more staff riders out on the road, making sure that everyone is happy and nobody takes a wrong turn.  We carry spares & a few tools to help you out on the road & our support vehicle has spare wheels and a full tool kit.  If we have a particularly large or fast group we’ll often call on additional riders to join us on the road & help make the week more fun for everyone.