An amazeballs week!

Last week of an amazeballs week, sitting here looking out over the amazing vista. I came to you an (almost) brokenman, sick & unsure if I could make it. But I'm so glad I made the decision to come. You supported me, coached me & encouraged me up climbs I'd never thought possible with the lure of flapjacks, bread pudding and the oh so rare opportunity to try and beat Chris. You paced me, attacked me & tried to break me 🙂 but I leave here supprisingly refreshed, revitalized and relaxed. My day out at the Tour is an experience I'll never forget (a bit like Mike's pink jersey) and I'd just like to thank you for everything this week. I really hope this venture is a roaring success, you guys really deserve it. Many thanks, Emmet (of Ireland - its my land) + Norge. p.s. Lewis - your cooking is legendary!