Sports Massage Benefits


Do you take better care of your bike than your body?
Many cyclists spend a lot of time and money looking after the prized possession that is their bike but how many actually look after their own body when they are not in the saddle? Sports massage is one of the services offered to our guests and we strongly advise them to take full advantage of this complimentary treatment.

But why? The most obvious benefit of Sports massage is the relaxation of muscles which will not only improve performance but also help reduce the risk of injury.  Recovery after a ride can also be improved by flushing out toxins within the muscle fiber and increasing crucial oxygen delivery to the muscles that need them.

With our massage therapist Mike’s vast experience he can also pick up on potential problems in areas of the body that aren’t quite functioning as they should.  Knowing a bit more about how your body is functioning is valuable for all athletes and often a couple of simple exercises can be suggested to help prevent future injuries and give you that all important edge on the bike. After a tough days riding in the Alps Mike will be available to treat any aching bodies and get everyone back out there in the best  possible shape the next day!