Trail Running

Morzine locals are big into trail running, hiking, ski touring and snow-shoeing so there’s some great trails to explore with hidden cheese farms in the mountains, cafes with a view and amazing ice cream!

Local running races include the Nantaux KMV – a vertical 1km over 2.2km making it an extremely steep race.  Then there’s the Creve Coeur which literally translates as ‘heart breaker’ and owes its name to an extremely cold stream on the Ressachaux Plateau.  The aim of this race is to climb 1,172m from Morzine to the Pointe de Ressachaux and then descend 350m to the Creux.  Its a tough run with the focus on climbing.  If you’re looking for a longer race we also have an annual 27km and 44km race Trail des Haut Forts.

In fact there are so many trails in and around Morzine that we have a dedicated trail running website, Morzine Mountain Running providing maps, elevation profiles and direction notes for all the trails.

If technique is something you’d like to improve on we’ll give you video feedback at the start and end of the week to help you monitor your progress.

Get in touch with us to find out more about a week with us in the mountains.