Lewis – Our Summer Chef

Our chef Lewis has kept a lot of hungry cyclists very happy this summer.  Our in-house Sports Dietitian loved the healthy balance of Lewis’ summer menu too 🙂  Lots of fresh, yummy food & amazing deserts.

Not only does he manage to find the time to prepare delicious dinners for 14+ people in different chalets but he also ensures there’s a freshly baked cake every afternoon, delicious salads for mountain picnics in our ‘Intro to Alpine Cycling‘ week but he also finds the time to come out & ride with use!

Here’s a bit about Lewis in his own words:

“I’m a chef from London, who recently returned from a year spent working in the French Alps.  I have had lots of requests for recipes over the last few months, so I thought I’d create this website to provide a recipe a week.

I started working as a chef two years ago, at the grand old age of 30 – ancient in chef years.  After a year working in London restaurants, I moved to the French Alps, living in Morzine and Sainte Foy.  I was mainly working in chalets, but through this I have recently started providing catering for events, both in the Alps and London, including a couple of wedding receptions for up to 130 people.

As someone with a love for eating as well as cooking, I’m always keen to try as many different foods and styles of food as I can. However, the food that I love the most is nearly always the most unfussy, the most simple.  And it is often this food which I find tastes the best.  The first of the seasons Asparagus, swimming in melted butter.  Rich, creamy scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough (covered in butter, again).  Homemade papadelle tossed in a slow cooked tomato sauce.  Fresh grilled fish, a squeeze of lemon, and a chopped salad.  You get the picture.

So the recipes I’ll be sharing will be just that; simple, tasty food, that anyone can cook.”

Follow Lewis on Instagram and Twitter @rocknbreadrolls

Look out for his weekly updated ‘Simple Tasty Food‘ recipes.