Interview with John, VC Walcot

1. How did you get into cycling and what do you like about it?
I have always ridden a bike but guess I only got into it seriously during my 40s when all the other sports I did started generating too many injuries.

2.  How would you rate your current level of fitness?
I am fit enough to cycle 40-50 miles twice a week.  I have come to accept that I am not going to get any fitter, so keeping it at this level is fine with me.

3. Are you training for anything at the moment and if so what are your goals for the season?
I have a week in Majorca coming up in May so I might do a bit more riding than usual before then.  I don’t really do goals or training plans, I just ride my bike whenever I can.

4.  How did you find cycling in the French Alps in terms of difficulty?
Cycling in the Alps is always hard because of the length of the climbs and my modest level of fitness.  It was even more difficult last year as I managed to choose a week which was experiencing a heat wave.

5. What was it like staying with 45 Degrees North?
Staying with 45 Degrees North is always a pleasure.  The food and accommodation was great and the level of support superb.

6. How likely would you be to recommend 45 Degrees North to others and why?
I have recommended 45 Degrees North to friends and clubmates and will continue to do so.  The friendliness of the team and the level of support is fantastic, as well as your ability to cope with riders of very different abilities.  It is also terrific value for money compared with alternatives.