Great Local Breweries

With a growing number of people leaving their cities and living in the mountains its no wonder there are so many craft breweries popping up.  Here’s our guide to just a few of the locals:

Ibex Micro brasserie

Ibex Micro Brasserie

After starting with a very small, 1BBL brewery in 2014, Ibex are growing a bit in 2016, with a new 10BBL brewery and a shiny new building to call home.  Based on the edge of morzine, its the perfect place for them to create more excellent beer!  Their bespoke brewery will mean that they can expand and guarantee supply to all of the bars that they have been working with to date.   They are open to visitors every Friday and you’re invited to head down, take a look around and pick up a case of beer for the weekend!

Super Citra – 4% ABV.  Light and refreshing, this extra pale ale has tons of citrus flavors.  hopped with citra and galaxy, it delivers an amazingly thirst quenching beer!

Cabin Fever IPA – 5% ABV.  Round, fruity hop notes, with a balanced bitterness and a light caramel background from the malts.  A solid IPA which drinks well all year!


Bec Jaune micro brewery and bar

Bec JauneBeer is best enjoyed fresh.  Brewing locally and on a small scale allows Bec Jaune to make styles that big beer corporations find difficult to mass produce.  They have designed their brewery to give them the flexibility to brew new and old beer styles ranging from American IPAs to malty English ales to traditional French and German styles.  There’s nothing like a flavoursome craft beer after a day in the mountains.

All theri beer is brewed in-house by Chrigl.  Originally brewing in London at The Kernel Brewery in Bermondsey, he made the decision to bring better beer to the mountains.

This is a great bar to unwind in at the end of a day and the food is pretty damn good too.  Our guests particularly like the choice of meat, vegan and organic dishes.


Leman craft alesLéman Brasseries Artisanale

Since 2009 the Brasserie du Léman has shared their passion for quality beers that are 100% natural.  Located between Lake Leman and the mountains, the same mountains that feed Evian mineral water the brewery produces a range of traditional ales with only raw materials from organic farming: barley malt, wheat, hops, sugar (for refermentation in the bottle).  In order to respect the beer and to preserve a maximum flavor, the beers are neither filtered nor pasturized.  The carbon dioxide gas comes from the refermentation in the bottle – the yeast deposit attests it.

Blonde, white, brown, amber and speciality beers, each one is specially crafted.  With the seasons and the creativity of the brewers, other beers come to complete the range, for the pleasure of all!

Brasserie du Mont Blanc

Brasserie du Mont-Blanc “exceptional by nature” – An exceptional beer made in the Alps since 1830. – A beer brewed using exceptionally pure water: from the glaciers of Mont Blanc. – An authentic specialty beer created using specific recipes and with all the know-how gained over the years by master brewers. – The pleasure of flavour: it takes time to guarantee the best.

The good news is you can buy their beer in one of our favourite bars in Morzine.  Here’s couple you might like:

La Rousse
La Rousse – Intense, triple-malt amber beer.
6,5% vol.

Intense amber beer intense with three malts, a beer full of contrasts: The first impression is full bodied and malty, followed by sweeter notes of caramel and roast almonds with a fruity finish.
“Mont-Blanc’s La Rousse, an iron fist in a velvet glove…”

La BlancheLa Blanche – A light, refreshing lager
4,7% vol.

Elegant, combining a delicate sparkle and tart freshness with a unique Curacao orange fruitiness. An elegant white beer where wheat’s mellow notes are followed by tart citrus and coriander.




Brasserie Vallée du GiffreBrasserie Vallée du Giffre

Hidden away in the mountains this local gem of a brewery and supplied to some of the top bars all around France the Brasserie Vallée du Giffre has a fantastic selection of beer to chose from.

Here’s one of their IPAs:

la Rioule IPALa Rioule – India Pale Ale (I.P.A) Color: copper 5.8%
A beautiful copper color for this India Pale Ale inspired West-Coast resolutely turned towards the fruity side of the hops of the valley of Yakima.  A citrus nose with notes of passion fruit, a dry and fruity finish with a good length in the mouth.