Coach Charles on the bike

Tri Coach Profile – Charles

Summer 2017 will see a new edition to the team - Charles Biddle, triathlon coach at UWA Triathlon Club in Perth, WA will be joining us for the Mont Blanc Triathlon week. Here's a brief intro from the man himself: "I have been involved in the sport of triathlon for over 25yrs, feels like only 5.  Prior to catching the triathlon bug, I was an obsessive windsurfer still promising myself to get ...

16th March, 2017

Planning a mini-Tour of Japan – by bike

Anna & I have been talking about going to Japan for ages so we started looking into it.  Talking about flying over, staying in hotels and catching trains to see lots just wasn't getting us excited but we couldn't work out why.  So we took a walk to clear our heads and work out what to do next. Anna "I thought you wanted to see to Japan, you've been talking about going there for ...

15th March, 2017

Interview with Sophie, Dulwich Paragon

How did you get into cycling and what do you like about it? A colleague organised a ride from London to Paris. I hadn't been on a bike since I was 10 years old - not to mention a road bike ! I invested in an entry level bike, cleats, panniers, and off I was ! In 1 month I got as ready as I could and did it ! I absolutely loved it and since then haven't stopped cycling ! What I love about ...

15th February, 2017

Interview with John, VC Walcot

1. How did you get into cycling and what do you like about it? I have always ridden a bike but guess I only got into it seriously during my 40s when all the other sports I did started generating too many injuries. 2.  How would you rate your current level of fitness? I am fit enough to cycle 40-50 miles twice a week.  I have come to accept that I am not going to get any fitter, so ...

15th February, 2017